Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Brown Eyed Dog

Well all our dogs have brown eyes (dont' most dogs?). We refer to our dogs as our brown eyed babies. Specifically Kimbrey, our middle child.

Here's why:

On October 26, 2010, by an act of fate our dog Kimbrey was hit by a truck. We are the most paranoid dog parents on the face of the planet, so for this to happen it was truly meant to be. It was a horrible stormy day. I had skipped out on work because I wasn’t feeling well and my husband was sleeping because he worked in the evenings. The storm had knocked out the power in the whole neighborhood. We were all barely dressed when the neighbor came over with his baby asking for some candles. My husband was holding our biggest (wildest) dog Tonka while I talked through the crack of the door. As I was about to shut the door, the storm blew the door open, allowing the other two dogs Kimbrey and Bella (a pup at the time) to sprint out. I quickly grabbed Bella, but it was too late for me to get Kimbrey. She darted into the busy, rainy street. A huge Ford 350 smashed into her small 45 lb frame.

You can imagine the rest.

We barely remember the rest of the day. We rushed to the vet, then the emergency vet in practically just our underwear. A few thousand dollars, a blood stained backseat, and months of intense therapy later, and we still have our baby girl.

Okay, okay, so I still haven’t explained the brown eyed dog part. As my husband and I were sitting with Kimbrey at the vet, we thought we were going to lose her. We were SURE we were going to lose here. I mean, she had broken her back plus suffered from multiple internal injuries. To help her pull through, my husband tried singing to her. For some reason, he loves the tune “Brown Eyed Girl,” but instead he sings, “You my, brown eyed dog… raw raw raw raw, raw raw, raw raw, raw raw, raw raw, raw raw.”

And yeah, he actually sings it all like that, like he’s a dog.

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