Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday Things I Like

Every Thursday I am going to do a "Things I Like" post. Sometimes I feel like I am going to explode from all the interesting things I see on the internet, so this will help me keep organized!

  • Animals with stuffed versions of themselves? Here and Here. I want one for all of my dogs! 
  • Beneful Dream Dog Park Contest. I am doing this tonight! 
  • I am already a hypochondriac for myself with WebMD. Now I can be one for my dogs too with PetMD.
  • We need to add Kimbrey to this Cone of Shame Gallery lol
  • I am completely obsessed with Pinterest. Check out mine here.
  • If you have an Android and like to take pictures, this app (called Vignette Demo) is AWESOME.

Here is a picture that I took/edited with it:

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