Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday Things I Like

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  • Tomorrow (6/24) is official “Take Your Dog to Work Day!” Unfortunately, I cant take my dog to work with me, but for the lucky people who can, here are some tips. For more information about the day, go to
  • I found this new blog/site I love! TheDogs is hosted by a writer and dog trainer who calls the site a place for dog people. If I am not a dog person, I don’t know who or what I am!
  • Fun, cheap custom artwork made by…my dog? OK! The ReadyMade website always has the neatest stuff to do/read/see. I think it would be fun if I could get each of my dogs to make their own masterpiece. I will post pictures when I try this.
  • I love tattoos. And I love my dogs. And I would love to get a tattoo commemorating my dogs. But, as of right now, nothing seems like it could even begin to express how I feel about my dogs. Here is an article from The Bark that is helping me pull my thoughts together and here are some pictures that are helping me get an idea too. I just cant decide!
  • Most importantly, Kimbrey got her stitches removed out of her ear yesterday!!!! The vet said her ear looks great from the surgery and she is good to go! No more mass! Here is a before (6/10) and after (6/22) picture:

(6/10 stitches and scabby)

(6/22 no stitches!)

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