Saturday, August 27, 2011

National Dog Day


I've been reflecting a lot lately on my life, especially my dogs. Tonka is about to turn FOUR years old, Kimbrey is about to turn TWO and we have had Bella for exactly one year. Where did the time go? 

I've learned and grown so much since first getting Tonka at the beginning of January 2008. Then adding Kimbrey in November 2009 and finally Bella. My dogs have taught me how to love without reservation and without end; that true joy comes in living each day, each moment, to the fullest and not to worry about tomorrow; that a smile, or the wag of a tail, can change a person’s life. They've taught me how to truly forgive. My three dogs are my best friends, without a doubt. I am so blessed to experience the bond between dogs and humans.

"God...sat down for a moment when the dog was finished in order to watch it...and to know it was good, that nothing was lacking, that it could not have been made better."
-Rainer Marie Rilke

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