Saturday, September 3, 2011

Birthday Girl!

Today we celebrated Kimber's birthday!!! We took her to a local dog park as a treat, and we all had a blast. TWO YEARS OLD! And we are so very, very blessed to have her.

Kimbrey's story started with us in November 2009. Luke was desperately wanted a brindle colored dog, I desperately wanted a playmate for Tonka, and we both desperately wanted to adopt from the Humane Society of Indianapolis. I looked at pictures and bios online for weeks, waiting for the perfect pup to call our names. Finally, on a Friday afternoon, I saw Kimbrey's picture. We knew we had to jump fast because puppies can get adopted REALLY fast from the shelter, especially 8 week old, adorable ones. So, Luke took the car, sped to the shelter, met Kimbrey, had LOVE AT FIRST SITE, waited 3-4 hours for the whole process, then came home with a beautiful baby and a car full of pee and poop. She melted not only our hearts, but became a wonderful friend to my Tonka, which is what I wanted more than anything.

Kimbrey is smart, stubborn, loving, charismatic, protective, happy, determined...the list goes on. We are so grateful that she is with us after her car accident last year because she has taught us so many lessons about fighting, perseverance, forgiveness, and love.

We've had two AMAZING years with Kimbrey and we're ready for many, many more.

Looking back...

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