Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekly Money Check-Up: 9/19/11

Today was cloudy, rainy, cold, and all around gave everyone a case of the sads. Dogs are sad. Husbands at work late (I'll assume sad). So I'm sad. 

I sure hope the rest of this week brightens up!

On the money front, somehow a week has already gone by again and it's time for my weekly check-up. This could have added more sad to the picture, but I think I had a pretty good week. 

Image via My Pretty Pennies

1. The most I’ve spent this last week was on bills and utilities! We had an awesome week and barely spent any useless money. 
2. Today I am thankful for my awesome in-laws. I have such a loving, smart, supporting family, I didn't know people like this existed!
3. Money can’t buy happiness. One free thing I did last week that made me happy was just having photo shoots of my dogs. They are so beautiful to watch, not only because they're mine, but because all dogs are just so full of love. 
4. I will consider this week a success if I get at least a little bit of homework done EVERYDAY. Some days I just feel like I cannot focus on anymore business stuff, but I am so close to graduating, I have to get it done!
5. If I could have coffee with one blogger, I would choose Jess Craig from IROCKSOWHAT. She seems funny, honest, and down to earth. Just a normal person.

Alright, hot cocoa time, bring on the happies.

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