Friday, October 7, 2011

Funky Friday

Friday is not my favorite day. I like it more than Monday and Tuesday, but less than Thursday, Saturday or Sunday. Its probably tied with Wednesday. Stress builds up all week, and no matter how much you want to relax for the weekend, you know you have things you didn't finish that you will either 1) finish on the weekend instead of relaxing or 2) finish Monday, but just won't sleep well because of the wait.

This is what my Funky Friday looks like:

12:01 AM- Stayed up with husband to pre-order iPhone 4S from Sprint, but found out the pre-ordering started out at midnight, Pacific time. 

3:50 AM- Tried to pre-order phone again, but Sprint's system was down.

6:40 AM- Woke up for work. Tried AGAIN to pre-order an iPhone. Success.

{I am not even getting the iPhone, my husband is. The things I do for love.}

8:00 AM-12:00PM - Work at my internship. A half day on Friday is perfect!

12:10 PM- Went to post office and bought a book of stamps. I love these new forever stamps!

Came home, showered, let dogs out, etc.

1:30PM- Made VEGAN lunch. Spanish rice, black beans, Rotel, and Tofutti sour cream. Oh, and lots of Tapatio on top. I am lactose-intolerant but have been in denial about it for about a year. I have been a vegetarian for around 8 years, and was only able to go vegan for about 3-4 months straight. I LOVE cheese, but I now know it doesn't feel the same way back. So vegan it is.

2:00PM- Watched this inspiring video about "childish" thinking and laughed at these funny pictures of people being scared in a haunted house.

3:50 PM- Plan to go to the Vet. Kimbrey has had this growth on her paw for a few months now, and it just isn't getting better. Plus, she has a sore/wart/herpes type thing on her lip too. She is a problem child! Hopefully its nothing too serious, but we always take the "better safe than sorry" approach when it comes to our dogs.

5:00 PM to as late as I can stay up - HOMEWORK. I am so behind. My brain doesn't want to function for homework in the evening/night. I need to have a job that allows me to work in the afternoon/evening so I can do homework in the morning.

9:00 PM- Plan to take a homework break to watch The Fringe. I love this show so much! I wish there was a book series just like it. Wait, there probably is.

On the schedule for tomorrow: sleep in until 8:30, do homework, take pictures. And drink wine, of course.


Anonymous said...

Did you find out what was on your dogs paw? My dog had the exact same thing appear about a week ago. Thanks so much!

Erica Swift said...

Did your dog's paw heal on it's own or did you have it removed? My dog has something similar. Doc took cells from the tumor and results showed it to be benign...they think.

Alonna said...

My dogs paw got better on its own through the use if apple cider vinegar and coconut oil. We apples the apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball twice a day and then applied the coconut oil a few times a day as well. It took a few weeks to see results but it slowly shrank until it was gone. We used these products because they are anti fungal and anti bacterial naturally. I would definitely recommend trying them. You really have to be patient because it does take a few weeks before seeing results, and you also must be consistent in daily application. Sorry about the delay in response and good luck!

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