Wednesday, October 19, 2011


And wild.


Crystal said...

Hi Alonna! I just found your blog through your profile on Coffee with a Canine. I did a profile on there a few months ago (look for Crystal and Pinch under miniature pinschers or daschunds!)

Your blog looks really great, and I can definitely relate. I have my own blog where I talk about life with my pets (one dog and 2 cats) and my French hubby. My animals are my babies and the centre of my world (but don't tell my husband that!) I'm from Canada but live in France, and they definitely help get me through the rough patches of homesickness.

I look forward to reading more about your beautiful dogs. Feel free to stop by my blog one day ;)

Alonna said...

Thanks for visiting, Crystal! It sounds like you are on a great adventure and I look forward to seeing how your journey turns out (like if you move back to Canada!)

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