Thursday, November 24, 2011

Dreaming of Pennsylvania

We had a great time in Pennsylvania, but like any vacation, it just wasn't long enough.

The drive to my husband's grandparents' house took about 9.5 hours, which was definitely worth it. Unfortunately we drove in the dark mostly, so we couldn't see our surroundings (not that there is much to see in Ohio anyways!). When we actually had light, I was amazed by the beautiful area. Their home is near Gaines, PA in the very north central region.

Most of our weekend just consisted of driving, hiking, and napping. We took two amazing hikes up to the top of the mountains to see the PA Grand Canyon, which was breathtaking. We were actually so close to New York, we drove there in under an hour. I shot a gun at some cans. We played games with the family. It was perfect.

The most important part of this trip was that it really got my husband and I itching to move. We just don't feel comfortable in the city. Whether it be south central Indiana or north central Pennsylvania, we are ready to move. I can't stop dreaming about it!!!

As a side note, I tried to post from Blogger's Android app from last Friday to this Tuesday, but it just wasn't working (it didn't help that I didn't have an internet or phone connection unless we drove a few miles into town!). They need to fix it!


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