Tuesday, November 15, 2011


We came home today and the house smelt nasty and wet. I've actually been smelling something damp for a few days, but my husband said he didn't smell anything, so we thought I was just crazy. 

After begging him to check the cellar for water, he finally did and we found TONS of water down there. A couple months ago the same thing happened and we just drained all the water and thought it was from the rain. The next time it rained we checked and it wasnt wet, and we didnt see anything leaking, so we just went about our normal ways. 

Luckily this time the washer was running and we noticed that water was leaking from the drainage pipe.We don't have a pump to get the water out, so Luke had to do it by hand. He removed 16 buckets of water that each had about 3.5 gallons each. That comes to 56 GALLONS! It was still damp on the ground after removing the water, so he used some Oil-Dri to help with that. Oil-Dri is a miracle product! 

I'm so happy we opted to buy home owners insurance that covers plumbing, so hopefully they can fix this once and for all.

Now, I'm supposed to be doing homework and getting ready for our Pennsylvania trip (!!!), but I'm too exhausted.

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